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Services - Sand Blasting UK

Welcome to the Web-Site for BLAST AWAY; we have been Sandblasting for over 25 years!

All about Sand Blasting UK and the services we offer.

We are now offering sandblasting on smaller items like car parts and furniture. We can bring our mobile blasting unit for large jobs or our containerised mobile unit for large volumes of small items on site that cannot be removed.

Industrial and Commercial Sandblasting Services

Tanking – Cleaning of areas within basements and vaults etc. for tanking and damp treatment companies.

Much of our work involves the Sandblasting within basements and vaults etc. for tanking and damp treatment companies. Blasting creates an etch to the surface which is going to be ideal for this purpose. This is created without vibration or damage to the concrete or brickwork and without injury or strain to the operator. Recent restrictions surrounding the vibration caused by ‘bush hammering’ and needle gunning such as ‘white finger’, have meant that sandblasting, shot-blasting, abrasive blast cleaning or any other name given is a perfect alternative. There is no contact at any time between the blasting nozzle and the substrate.

We can use a wet blast method when dust issues are a priority, which helps to minimise any potential problems in that area. We offer a full service which includes the blasting, sweeping up and washing down on completion, leaving the job ready for immediate tanking. We also can recommend reputable tradesmen within the London, Essex and Surrounding areas to carry out the necessary building, damp treatment or similar jobs who like ourselves offer excellent work and at pricing which is rarely beaten. For further information please Contact Us to find out more about the Sandblasting services from we! sandblasting basement walls prior to tanking treatment, damp proofing etc.

Please see our portfolio of our projects, from recent jobs all the way back nearly three decades.

Please go to our Services page to see all the Sand-Blasting jobs we cover.


Timber – Sand-Blasting and painting of timber frames, windows, doors and furniture; we Sand-Blast hardwood and softwood.

Much of our work involves the Sandblasting on large industrial timber frame buildings and barn-conversions. The sandblasting/shot-blasting carried out by we is a great way to restore/refurbish hardwood and softwood; including timber frames, beams, doors, cladding, fences and more. It is a very cost effective way to do things without damaging the wood and giving a good authentic finish.

We can use a wet blast method when dust issues are a priority, which helps to minimise any potential problems in that area. We offer a full service which includes the blasting, sweeping up and washing down on completion, leaving the job ready for immediate treatment/coating etc. We also can recommend reputable tradesmen within the London, Essex and Surrounding areas to carry out the necessary building, carpentry, decorating or similar jobs who like ourselves offer excellent work and at pricing which is rarely beaten.


Steel – We sand-blast and paint all types of steel-work; including boats, cranes, structures, stairs, plant, machinery and many more.

For the most part we sandblast steel and usually paint/re-spray the sandblasted surface afterwards. We will sandblast any steel building, steel gates, fence, framework, ship, piece of machinery; whatever you want. Contact Us for a free estimate. We have all the necessary sandblasting plant for a job of any size however large or small; access platforms, cranes, hi-ab cranes, trailers, forklifts, air compressors, generating sets, scaffolding; anything needed we can take care of it.

Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning; Removal of Paint From Bricks

The exterior brickwork of buildings can be transformed using our sandblasting methods. Whether it is used to clean off years of accumulated grime, or years of paint coatings, the final result brings buildings back to their former glory. The Sandblasting system we use vary with the brickwork of commercial buildings. Refurbishment projects can benefit greatly from a clean, unpainted finish or water-sealed after sandblasting to not only give a clean new finish; but also make sure it stays that way! Also having old and new bricks ‘blended’ to create a uniform finish. For example it may help after an extension is added to a period property. Contact Us for a free quote! We also offer a sample blast to a test patch to initially agree the standard of finish achievable. Soft bricks require a soft medium so as to preserve as much of the face as possible, whilst removing all the coating. Blasting can be done wet or dry depending on whether dust is an issue etc.

Industrial and Commercial Brickwork Cleaning

Removing paint from interior brickwork offers the chance to uncover the charm of old walls, which can add greatly to the aesthetic look of an area. It is also a method of preparing walls that are to be re-plastered or for damp treatment etc.


Concrete – We Blast clean concrete for removal of paint, layers of the concrete and other coatings. We can so very light blasting for painting preparation or we can take the layer back to the aggregate for alternative coatings and/or special, textured effects.

Machinery and Plant

We sandblast all types of machinery and plant from generating sets to overhead cranes we also paint (on-site and off-site). AS you can see on our gallery we have worked on all types of Machinery and Plant including farming, manufacturing, construction and more.

Home / Domestic

We cover everything for domestic sandblasting; we sand-blast rendering, steelwork, timber beams, hardwood/softwood windows, brickwork. We sandblast steel/metal gates and fences, doors. We sandblast EVERYTHING, over the past 6 months we have worked on small flats, groups of flats, all the way up to 15 bedroom houses in Hampstead.

Marine Services

As shown in our gallery we sandblast marine equipment, boats, ships and other types of ship building equipment and sea-plant. We sand-blast steel, aluminium, fibreglass and timber hulls for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s for rust, rot, osmosis or simply removing existing layers of barnacles and preparing for anti-fouling; we sandblast all marine equipment! We have carried out sandblasting on all types of boat from small tenders and the largest recent project was on the Cutty Sark!

Differences between grit blasting and shot blasting?

Sandblasting is often used to describe the many different methods we can strip, prepare, clean up or even remove the surfaces of materials. Although sand has been banned from usage for some time due to the dangers of silicosis, there is still a range of safe mediums to help create a perfect finish.

Other than people using the term sandblasting, the two most common types of blasting which are talked about are shot blasting and grit blasting. Both techniques use different materials as an abrasive but are nearly always put under the umbrella of “sandblasting”, to describe their purpose.

In this short article, we’ll delve into shot blasting and grit blasting so that you have a better idea of which different blasting uses, materials and lastly which one is ideal for work you need to have carried out. Using the wrong blasting medium or techniques can be dangerous and you risk damaging or even ruining what you’re working on, especially if you don’t hire an experienced sandblaster.

Shot blasting

Its name is due to the fact that tiny steel balls are used, steel blasting is performed using the tiny balls or through crushed steel, sometimes referred to as “peening”. Shot blasting is best suited to metal materials such as cars, truck bodies, steel beams etc. when you wish to remove layers of rust, loose materials, paint or dirt. Due to its heavy-duty nature, it is also used to prepare surfaces through abrasion; you can create a great surface for painting.

Grit blasting

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used to perform grit-blasting, depending on the surface you wish to work on. Each one has its own unique merit when preparing different surfaces and for different finishes. Used mostly to smooth down surfaces and walls, it can also be used for graffiti removal! Silicon carbide, Alumina and even walnut shells can be involved in the process of grit blasting, these materials will protect your surfaces whereas shot blasting would be too excessive. At Sand Blasting UK, we use both of these versatile blasting techniques either through air(sandblasting), liquid lasting, vapour or dustless blasting.

Blast cleaning

Some people ask why do some people refer to blast cleaning? Blast-cleaning can mean sand-blasting, shot-blasting, grit-blasting, soda-blasting and basically any other form of cleaning where an abrasive material is forced onto a surface for some form of preparation. At Sand Blasting UK we focus primarily on Sandblasting, grit blasting, shot blasting and now Vapour blasting or Dustless blasting as it is often referred to.

We have over 30 years experience in Sandblasting, shot blasting, blast cleaning and are the first in the UK to have a large Vapour and dustless blasting rig which can cater for the largest of buildings and objects in a safe, dust free environment!

Shot-blasting - Used for steel and other types of ferrous metals; shot blasting is great for preparation on surfaces prior to primer coat and/or painting (which we can also do for you).

Grit-blasting – Used for walls and areas which less intense cleaning, this is great for preparation of walls prior to sealing etc.

Vaporblasting / Dustless blasting

We are proud to have the first large mobile dustless blasting equipment. Sandblasting, even when using mineral, glass or other legal abrasives, it still causes many issues. There is so much dust created by sandblasting, even when areas are sheeted off and sealed almost air tight, the dust still will escape, which will annoy people in neighboring building, damage or atleast leave neighboring property dirty and even set off fire alarms. As much of our work is in Central London we decided it was essential to use ductless blasting.

We are yet to video a demonstration of our new rig in action, please keep a look out!

Dustless blasting is great for the fllowing:

Residential –

Vapor blasting is the best way to do Graffiti removal, brick and wall cleaning; it leaves the original surface intact, without creating clouds of dust around the area, even without protective sheeting. Get great work done without upsetting your neighbors!

Industrial –

With our mobile dustless blasting equipment we’re able to blastclean with mechanics, engineers, welders, electricians etc. present in the area, getting through jobs more quickly and with less disruption to the rest of your workforce.

Automotive –

Dustless/vapour blasting is perfect for stripping car bodies, lorries and other vehicles back to bare steel, without the need to worry about sanding, rust or rust. Check our videos for a demonstration, you really have to see it to appreciate it.

Wood Restoration –

Vapour blasting is excellent for stripping paint, lacquer, polyurethane, stain and any other form of coating from wood clealy, quickly and to a great standard.

Marine -

It’s safe to clean aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. Eliminate the air and water quality issues, increase worker’s safety and getting the job done for you in much faster time.

All of this is achived without the need to have protective sheeting or designated areas set aside for the work to be done, with our new equipment the vapor used with the abrasive also coates the steel with a protective coating for three days, allowing you to paint on a100% rust free surface which will mean you will remain rust free for a longer time than before!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07770 576858 for further advice.