Concrete cleaning

Are you searching for a reliable concrete blast cleaning company that can offer incredible results and service. An extensive knowledge of concrete surfaces and sandblasting media gained by over 35 years trading has seen us clean and prepare all shapes and sizes of concrete surfacing. Our concrete cleaning services are called upon to remove paint layers and algae, scale and oil stains. With a state of the art blasting rig we can offer dry blasting or vapour blasting should loose dust particles cause any issues. Selection of the right blasting abrasives and blasting pressures allows us to give you incredible results for you to proceed with the next phase of your project. Planning on having concrete repairs made? If so your surface will need to be keyed to help aid the adhesion process and this is a service we can fulfil.

Benefits of sandblasting for concrete cleaning

Sandblasting is a superb method for cleaning concrete surfaces and gives high quality results. Years of dirt, algae and extensive paint layers can really take its toll on concrete so our blast cleaning techniques can make it like new again. The use of hand held vibrating equipment is not only incredibly disturbing in volume it can also pose damage risk to the surface. This old process is known as needle gunning and due to today's legislation such methods are quite frowned upon due to the risk of vibration white finger. The advantages of concrete blast cleaning are 2 fold as it is better for the aggregate and importantly safer for the operator.

Areas we cover

Based in Billericay Essex Blast-A-Way operate all over the UK however you will largely see us work in London, Kent, Hertfordshire and Berkshire. Years of expertise has seen us largely carry wet and dry blasting services for concrete renovation in Essex and London but we are willing to travel wherever our services are required. A state of the art blasting rig has us in high demand as we can reach places and complete projects that pose difficulties. Blast-A-Way completes all variations of project sizes for both commercial and residential properties with customer satisfaction and a perfect concrete cleaning and restoration our priority.

Our concrete cleaning services are called upon to remove paint layers and algae, scale and oil stains.
From internal and external oak beams, stair cases, panelling, garden furniture and doors we have a great reputation of wood renovation cleaning.
Are you searching for an experienced sandblasting company who offers top quality results for steel blast cleaning and paint preparation?
The right process can make all the difference
For external walls years of weathering, damp and air pollution can tarnish the brickwork making the building look degraded.

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